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This was created by members of the HER/HIM U.S. Street team as a means of relaying news of HER/HIM to current fans, as well as introducing others to the band. The layout on this journal was created by beignet out of the goodness of her heart and it kicks ass, a million thanks. This community is also now the oldest HIM community still in existence on livejournal. I don't think its the largest anymore but honestly I never expected it to get this big. This community in addition is as active if not more active than any of the other journal and has a core group of very dedicated users that keep the info on the band coming, the majority of these members have direct connections to the band or the record label which makes this THE place for info on the band, especially American tour dates and record release information. So by all means join this community and join the rest of the HIM ones as well and post your heart out, crossposting isn't really minded, and we can tolerate some Bam bashing, but I(mattdoesntcare) will just think you're an asshole with too much free time if you do this.

HER is the American band name of the band HIM from Finland. Wow I left that up there for almost a year after they started going by HIM again

This is a really lame blurb on the band that I stole from somewhere, I think some of the info is wrong, but chances are if you're here you know who HIM is and if you don't this should give you the information you seek. If you wish to know more, specifically their plans for North America this is the place to learn it, just about everything has been asked, but ask again, everyone wants to give their opinion. Anyways, if anyone wants to write a better/prettier summary here please do, I have a server that could host images if you wanted to do a discography or something here.
Forming in Finland in the midst of 1995, H.I.M. (His Infernal Majesty) portrays a true quest for the reinvention of goth rock. Setting as their main artistic ambition the creation of songs in the similar path of bands such as Sisters of Mercy and the Mission U.K., H.I.M. uses a distinct compound of scowling melodies and mystical love stories' inspired lyrics to mark their musical ground. Vocalist and songwriter Ville Hermani Valo was the band's founding member, alongside Migé Amour (bass), Lily Lazer (guitar), Gas Lipstick (drums), and Zoltan Pluto (keyboards). The EP 666 Ways to Love, the group's first recording, showed up in late 1996, attaining considerable praise within the Scandinavian market. One year later, Greatest Love Songs, Vol. 666 solidified their cult status throughout the region and celebrated the band's cover of "Wicked Game," a Chris Isaak original. It was at that time that the group gained a rising fan base all across Europe, entering an enduring and extensive touring season to even more wide-ranging acclaim. Three years later, Razorblade Romance, H.I.M.'s second album, hit record stores, again achieving substantial results and strengthening their indubitable recognition. With production credits featuring John Fryer, who previously worked with crews like White Zombie and Nine Inch Nails, the record substantiated the squad's better acclaim all across Europe. H.I.M. then suffered its first lineup change when Pluto left, later being replaced by Emerson Burton. Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights, the band's third full-length disc, arrived in late 2001, confirming the Finnish crew's better recognition and strengthening the band's growing legion of fans.